2 arrested in homeless camp murder

FRESNO, Calif.

Mullin was shot in a camp near the Poverello house in downtown Fresno.

The cities latest murder forced Fresno police to confront a problem they have known about for months. Dope dealing, gun sales and crime reached a new level on July 5 when 20-year-old Jordan Mullin was gunned down outside of tent.

Raymond Snowden was arrested for Mullins murder along with Randy Little. Police say the suspects were not acquainted but both fired during the confrontation.

Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says many homeless people have fallen victim to gangs who have taken over the area. Many have been robbed, stabbed, shot and completely taken advantage of by gang leaders who are operating their illegal trades out of the homeless camp.

Police say 40 to 50 officers are now targeting crime at the camp. Officers are now making undercover drug deals and working to end the sales of weapons. They are even doing prostitution stings, and in the past week 47 people have been arrested on felony crimes around this tent city.

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