Made in the Valley: Rosa Brothers Milk Company

FRESNO, California

"Reaction has been overwhelming. People have accepted the milk, they really like the packaging, they like the new flavors and they like to support the local family farm," said Noel Rosa.

The Rosa brothers grew up in the dairy industry and say even though Tulare County is the nation's largest dairy producing county; there was no local milk available. So they wanted to try producing, pasteurizing and selling dairy to area residents. At the Tulare facility, employees bottle about 4,000 gallons of milk a week. The bottled milk is then shipped across the Valley.

"Now we are up to 13 Save Marts and we started with Vons and we are in the Vons chains. So basically, it's those two chains as well as many independent, fine independent stores in the area," said Rosa.

The best-selling milk is the skim milk and chocolate milk, but the company is also making waves for its unique flavors like root beer and orange cream.

"Oh it's kind of a trade secret. But I will tell you what we do is add regular sugar," Rosa said.

The brothers also make ice cream and are exploring new flavors. But as for the future, they say they would like to use more local milk to create more local dairy products for future generations to enjoy.

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