Made in the Valley: Method Sports Inc. longboards


In the Central Valley, there is one company that is making its mark as the only skateboard manufacturer.

For local longboarders, riding their skateboard is a passion and a lifestyle.

"It's just exhilarating. Adrenaline rush. It's just a good time," said Nathan Montanez, a longboarder.

What most people may not know is the very boards carrying them on their adventures, are made by Method Sports Incorporated in the Valley. Employees assemble every board by hand at Method headquarters in Clovis.

Based on each order, employees have a hand in shaping every unique board from start to finish. Each piece helps give riders a smooth ride, but there is one piece that President and CEO Paul Dickie is especially proud of, the trucks.

"I've always gravitated toward products with wheels on it and skate boarding in particular has been something I've always had a passion for. But I designed a truck that would skate a little better than most trucks out there, a little bit more dynamic flow," Dickie said.

Paul Dickie started Method in his garage a couple years ago and has grown into selling his boards locally and online in the U.S. and overseas.

"It can be anywhere from 13-years-old on up to 46-years-old buying boards and some people that are starting to ride," said Dickie. So whether you are cruising or cutting local boarding enthusiasts say it is a ride like no other.

Method Skateboarding is also sponsoring Fresno resident Myster Holliman, as he attempts to break the world record for the longest distance traveled on his longboard; so far, he says things are going well.

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