More Valley shoppers buy secondhand for back to school

FRESNO, Calif.

People are buying more secondhand items from Valley thrift stores to consignment websites online.

Secondhand shoppers are flocking to website like eBay, The Thrift Shopper, and Tradesy to name a few, because frugal fashion is cooler than ever.

"A huge market, we've been doing this for quite some time. But we've noticed over the past couple of years it's really picked up a lot more in Fresno," said Rio Harvell-Toi from Yoshi Now.

At Yoshi Now in Downtown Fresno Harvell-Toi, herself an avid thriftier pointed out some one-of-a-kind vintage pieces, all priced between $7 to $15.

With old school athletic wear, jewelry, jumpsuits, and retro shoes and shirts to choose from, Harvell-Tio said her teen customers are among the most bargain savvy and fashion forward.

"It's really cool to see the combinations they put together the ensembles. Weird things you'd never think would be attractive, they pull it off," Harvell-Tio said.

At Neighborhood Thrift Store in Fresno's Tower District all kid's clothing is 50 percent of through the month of August.

"We have quite a few folks that have been coming in shopping already; last week was a pretty busy week already. So finding good deals on kid's clothes, we also have junior sizes," said Addie Carr from Neighborhood Thrift.

We found Fresno High students who likened "Thrifting" to treasure hunting.

"Sometimes you can find things you can find things in regular department stores but it's a lot cheaper so I like that," said Erica Robles a Fresno High Student. "And I found a sweater so I'm happy about that too."

"I mean I came here with $10 I asked my mom for. I don't really get an allowance," said Gian Manente a Fresno High Student.

It's just not the bargain prices. Secondhand shopping is also considered more environmentally friendly because that is one less pair of jeans that have to be made.

That concept of "up-cycling" or "green fashion" has also helped to lessen the stigma associated with buying used. But the resale market has a long ways to go in a back to school survey by America's research group only 19 percent of adults said they would shopped in a secondhand store last year.

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