Made in the Valley: Homegrown Organic Farms

FRESNO, Calif.

One produce company in the Valley is finding success shipping fresh food around the country.

Fresh fruit is one of the staple crops in the Central Valley and at Homegrown Organic Farms; Fresh Organic fruit is their passion.

"A lot goes on to deliver a quality piece of fruit from inception to digestion," said Stephen Paul stone fruit sales manager.

Inside the Kings County packing facility, employees work with a steady hand and a good eye to make sure the best produce is packed up and shipped around the county and world.

All of Homegrown's fruit is organic. It's a philosophy starts in the orchard.

"Everything here from before we plant the tree through harvest is biological. We're working with microbes and microbial activity, instead of chemicals. It's a whole different way of thinking, it's a mindset," said Vernon Peterson, stone fruit grower and packer.

Vernon Peterson is one of the 40 plus valley growers who farm organic fruit.

But creating delicious fruit isn't just an effort in the orchard, it requires an entire ecosystem.

"It takes about 1,500 chickens to grow an acre of peaches and it's right here. This is the fertility base," Peterson said.

While the organic farming may be more intensive, Peterson says it is hard work he is proud of.

"Right here where you are standing, this river silt, this is the best place to grow a peach, plumb, nectarine, apricot, it's unsurpassed in all the world," Peterson said.

Nature's sweet treats, harvested in the Central Valley and enjoyed around the country.

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