Program helps Fresno Students get back to school

FRESNO, Calif.

It may be summer, but these Cooper Academy students are spending part of their day inside learning. "We decided that we would have an opportunity for our students to get acclimated to the Cooper Academy way, routines, procedures, and the mission of the International Baccalaureate Program," said Delia Nuno, Cooper Academy Vice Principal.

Cooper Academy is one of the three schools participating in Fresno Unified's Summer Bridge Program, which is giving kids a head start before the official first day of school.

"It's not that hard because it's really fun to be here before school actually starts because you get to see your friends," said Will West, student.

West is one of the 75 students taking part in Cooper Academy's "Scholars Program." During their time at school, students take three classes: math, language arts, and an elective class.

"Most of them are coming from an elementary school campus, so the transition to middle school is tough within itself… then coming to an academy probably a little tougher because there is different expectations," Delia Nuno, Cooper Academy Vice Principal.

So far, the results have been positive and students seemed to feel more confident about their next educational journey.

"You know where a lot of things are. Like my math class is just down the hall. And my second class is gym, it's easy to get to know where everything is," said West.

District officials say in addition to the Summer Bridge Program giving students an academic edge; it will also come in handy when those alarm clocks go off on the first day of school.

The last day of the bridge program is this Friday and the students will head on a field trip to a San Jose Museum. The first day of Fresno Unified is August 19th.

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