Man beaten to death inside his Fresno County home

FRESNO, Calif.

Family members say the victim is 32-year-old David Ketcheside. Deputies say they arrested 33-year-old Dustin Baize in connection with the murder.

At the hillside home in Fresno County, crime scene processors spent hours taking pictures of evidence and hauling it away.

Investigators say some people who attended a small party at the home were still there when 9-1-1 operators took a call of a beating taking place Thursday morning.

What deputies aren't saying is what sparked the feud that ended when detectives say David Ketcheside was repeatedly hit in the head. So far, it does not appear the suspect and victim had any ongoing problems.

Chris Curtice with the Fresno County Sheriff's Office said, "Right now initial reports are that it appears everything occurred kind of last night."

Sheriff's officials say several people were inside the home at the time Ketcheside was killed. Deputies also found 15 pounds of processed marijuana at the residence. At this point, investigators are not saying who the marijuana belonged to or whether it was being sold.

The suspect is a Tollhouse resident who does not have a criminal history in Fresno County.

Deputies won't reveal the weapon that was used in the murder, only that the suspect was still at the home when authorities showed up.

Curtice added, "We're pretty confident that we have the right person and we have a good idea of what happened."

At this point, it's unclear if drugs or alcohol played a role in the crime.

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