Fresno police seek owner of abused pit bull

FRESNO, Calif.

Some even want to adopt the dog named "Enzo," who faces a long road to recovery. At this point, police have not yet been able to track down his owner.

Water never tasted so good. Enzo was found close to death in the backyard of a west central home - abandoned with no food or water.

Despite being covered with open sores and mange, a skin rash caused by mites, Enzo remained in a playful mood at Fresno Bully Rescue.

This case of animal abuse was so severe Fresno police assigned a detective to find the person responsible.

Fresno police Lt. Jon Papaleo said, "I can't remember another case where we've assigned a detective."

Basically left for dead, Enzo was content to lick his wounds while the investigation continues.

Papaleo explained, "Hopefully in a short period of time he'll be able to put a case together and have a prosecutable case that he can bring to the district attorney's office."

Becky Holly of Fresno Bully Rescue had never seen this level of abuse. She said, "We are definitely hoping that there is going to be a serious investigation and there will be an arrest in this matter."

Holly added Enzo has a heart murmur and is anemic. She hoped his condition improves once he puts 20 pounds back on. "It will be a pretty long road for him. First of all we want to get that second skin infection under control."

Many people have called Bully Rescue wanting to adopt Enzo but Holly said he won't be ready to leave for several months. "We're kind of waiting until he is out of the woods because right now he is receiving round the clock medical care."

Since our story aired Wednesday night Live at 11, several people have contacted Fresno Bully Rescue to donate blankets and money. Again, Enzo won't be ready for adoption for several months.

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