New craft beer shop opens in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif.

Das Bierhaus is not so much a bar but a craft beer bottle shop in Fresno's Tower District. You can drink here but most people stop by to buy a few bottles.

Corey Lumpkins and Cory Weber came all the way from Kings County in a search for a good craft beer.

"The quality and the flavor, most of your mass produced beers are kind of flavorless," Weber said.

The business was born out of owner Christie Wolin's love for craft beer.

Christie believes Fresno is thirsting for a new concept - one which allows you to taste or take home pale, amber or dark ales.

"All kinds of different flavor profiles and that's what's so fun about craft beer. There's always something new to try," Wolin said.

Beer from local breweries like Tioga-Sequoia of Fresno, Riley's Brewing of Madera and House of Pendragon of Sanger are featured. Wolin said you'll find 178 different bottles of beer to choose from.

"There's a full gamut. You have light easy drinking beer all the way to a 'how you doing?' beer," Wolin said.

Wolin also said customers are welcome to bring in food from neighboring eateries like Piemonte's and Zen Wok Fusion.

"Tower is community. I don't make it without them. They don't make it without me," Wolin said.

Das Bierhaus is holding its grand opening party Saturday in the Tower District between 4 p.m. and 9 p.m. Two bands are set to perform.

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