Many attend Shaver Lake Car Show despite smoke from Aspen Fire


More than a thousand fire fighters are now battling the flames, and the fire is just 10 percent contained. But the wildfire did not keep thousands of people from enjoying their weekend at Shaver Lake.

Despite the nearby fire Shaver Lake held its annual car show Saturday and it proved to be a success.

Organizers say the 13th annual car show held in Shaver Lake got one of their best turn outs this year. Many people went to the car show despite the fire burning nearby.

It was polished hoods, custom engines and classic cars that drove the conversation on Main Street in Shaver Lake. Except for a hint of smoke in the treetops, it seemed like any normal Saturday.

"My big concern was that these beautiful cars they may not want to bring them up here with the ash in the air, but it cleaned up great. Just perfect for the show," said Marty Dority with Sequoia Chevrolet.

Gary Lindeman owns a '69 Camaro. The Fresno resident registered for the car show last week. Lindeman was confident the smoke would not keep too many people from coming.

"We're here from the Valley. We make it to the mountains no matter what. That's what we do," Lindeman said.

But a few miles Northeast businesses in Huntington Lake can see the effects of the fire. There were fewer people on the water and the Rancheria Campground closed to accommodate firefighters. At a Huntington Lake market, employees kept busy stocking shelves instead of running the registers.

"It's slowed down a little bit, but the fire fighters have been coming in every morning so it goes hand in hand," said Ashleigh Newton a market employee.

Businesses in Shaver Lake will tell you just how much they and Huntington Lake rely on visitors. Events like the car show drive their bottom line.

"This and the fireworks, that's our two busiest day of the year. The 6th of July when they have the fireworks in the lake and today, it's very busy," said Sean Ashbrook, a Shaver Lake business owner.

It was so busy at Shaver Lake that for a day the fire seemed to take a backseat to the cars and crowds. But every so often a whiff of smoke here and there reminds people the woods nearby continue to burn.

The community is still keeping a close eye on that fire. There is an information board at the end of town, giving the latest information on the Aspen Fire that is burning near Huntington Lake.

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