Animals rescued from rescue in Squaw Valley up for adoption

FRESNO, Calif.

Turns out, there's another twist in this case -- and it's one we've been following. There's two completely separate investigations, involving prosecutors from different counties- but they're all after the same woman.

Beth Caffrey, Director of Community Relations for the Central California SPCA introduced us to "Smiley", a Queensland Heeler blend who's ready to go to a new home. She said, "This is smiley and she got that name because she is really sweet and she does like to smile."

Smiley was literally pulled from wreckage- she was one of the 61 found in Squaw Valley back in June. There were 9 dogs, 3 cats, a pig, and 48 birds. All have spent the last month recovering, in rehabilitation, undergoing behavioral and medical analysis.

Most are bouncing right back to health. Caffrey said, "It gives me goose bumps to say we do get to place several of the animals up for adoption, because of what they came from, knowing what they were dealing with, what they had to live with every single day- the fact that they actually survived it."

What they survived is what's under investigation. It started when the Monterey County SPCA got complaints about a woman who was selling animals out of her car and claimed to be a rescue organization.

Some of those animals were sick and neglected. The 17 they recovered are still at the Monterey SPCA for evidentiary reasons. The Monterey Investigators called Fresno. Turns out, the woman they were after had properties in Squaw Valley.

Crystal Kisicki runs "St. Francis All Creature Rescue and Sanctuary" and claims it's a nonprofit organization. She wouldn't talk to us when we went to her property back in June.

We've since noticed her rescue organization has taken down it's Facebook page, but is still listed under a search engine for nonprofit organizations.

While authorities in the two counties put their separate cases together, the animals at least the ones locally -- are getting ready to go to the right home. "We want to make sure that this is going to be a good placement, that this isn't going to put them into another situation that's not good," said Caffrey.

The SPCA in Monterey County has already turned their case over to the District Attorney's office. The investigation continues here locally, but there are dozens of birds, two cats, and the Queensland Heeler that are up for adoption right now. They ask that you call the SPCA if you're interested.

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