Fresno animal cruelty suspect surrenders to police

FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno police say 30-year-old Carlos Marron turned himself in to officers. He's now facing a charge of felony animal cruelty, and two misdemeanor charges including abandoning his dog at a home in West Central Fresno.

They say Marron was with his attorney when he surrendered Thursday afternoon. As for his severely ill dog the Fresno Bully Rescue says Enzo is already showing signs of healing.

"That's what's amazing about this dog and one of the amazing things about this breed, they're so resilient," Becky Holly said. "They can go through quite a traumatic experience and come through it just a normal happy loving dog."

Holly helped rescue Enzo last week. Since then she and her group, the Fresno Bully Rescue, have cared for Enzo.

"His condition is still guarded because we're not sure about any damage on the long term to his organs or any other parts of his body that were affected," she said. "But we have high hopes that he'll recover completely, but it's just going to take a lot of time."

Holly says Enzo spent a lot of time in the backyard of a West Central Fresno home. She tells Action News the property manager found Enzo and called the Bully Rescue. They say he was left without water or food. The pit bull should weigh about 90 pounds, right now he's just 50 pounds.

And now police say Marron is being charged with cruelty and abandonment.

Investigators will not yet comment on the case beyond that, but Holly is grateful for the arrest.

"Most of the time when we find animals in this condition they're dumped somewhere and there's no way to find an owner. So this is pretty encouraging that someone will have to answer to those charges," she said. "He's gone through a lot already so if anyone can make it, I think this dog can."

The Bully Rescue says Enzo will still need another six months here before he'll be ready to be adopted. The vet is treating him for his skin infections, as soon as that heals he can be treated for the mange.

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