Cedar Lanes scraps turned into furniture at Fresno Arthop

FRESNO, Calif.

Revive Industries, a local design company, focuses on recovering material from old buildings. At the Downtown Fresno Art Hop Thursday several pieces were on display, including coffee tables, chairs and desks.

Eight local artists built the items mostly from the wood and metal taken out of Cedar Lanes before it was torn down. The bowling alley was an icon in Fresno for decades. Now, bowlers can take home a piece of the alley.

"This is extremely fulfilling," said Tim Schulz, owner of Revive Industries. "This just shows what talent is right here in Fresno that you would usually go to LA or the Bay Area for. This has given us an incredible platform to show off what's right here in Fresno."

Schulz says his company still has a lot of raw material to design and build custom furniture. He says a lot of people are already placing their orders.


More at www.reviveindustries.com

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