Wine grape harvest ahead of schedule

FRESNO, Calif.

The result of the violent shaking eventually is a smooth tasting wine. Throughout the night and into the morning wine grapes came off the vine.

Easton grower Ray Jacobsen watched the mechanical harvest closely. He grows seven varieties of wine grapes including Cabernet Sauvignon and White Zinfandel. But Ray said the weather sped up the maturity process of his Pinot Grigio grapes this year.

"I'm guessing a week to ten days earlier than the last two years as an average. Probably a mild spring, no extremely extended periods of 107 or 108 or 110 degree weather that has happened some years," Jacobsen said.

Despite its dark color outside you won't find any color inside Pinot Grigio grapes. Jacobsen explained, "What is probably kind of unique about the Pinot Grigio as you can see here it's a pretty dark bunch looking grape. It's amazing how this juice is just crystal clear. You just kind of watch the juice as it comes out you see it is a very clear juice and it makes a very clear wine."

Some of Jacobsen's grapes are headed to the Constellation brand winery, where they will be produced and marketed as Pinot Grigio wine under different labels.

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