Fresno business suffers after multiple smash and grabs

FRESNO, Calif.

Police say thieves broke into his shop near Bullard and First, several times and the latest burglary happened with in the week.

G Wireless did not have a sign up because at least two thieves destroyed it when tried to pry open the windows and the doors of the store. It was the fourth time burglars have smashed into Joe Guerrero's store in the last year.

In total the string of smash and grabs cost Guerrro about $10,000.

"It's real stressful you try make a living, take care of my family and you have people coming in here for a couple of bucks," Guerrero said.

Fresno police say at least two suspects started breaking into his electronics store late last year. Over four early morning heists, they hauled off TVs, Apple computers and several phones.

When the burglaries first started Guerrro installed a metal door.

"Just about a month ago they came in and ripped the screen door off and cut it off and try to pry the door in so that was another $600 to $700 worth of damage," Guerro said.

As a result of the burglaries Guerro moves his merchandise into a 700 pound safe at the end of every work day. He's also installed cameras, but so far nothing has stopped the thieves.

Police say in one of the break-ins the suspects used a stolen van to escape the scene. Police have found the van, but so far have not found the thieves.

Guerro he is planning to move out of the building at the end of the month. If you do have any information on the break-ins you are asked to call police.

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