Fresno man arrested for passing bad checks gets robbed

FRESNO, Calif.

Officers said Vincent Moreno was on a crime spree, printing out counterfeit checks and trying to cash them. In the end, police say he found out what it's like to get ripped off.

Fresno police investigators say a Wells Fargo on Van Ness in Downtown Fresno is where officers caught up with 49-year-old Vincent Moreno. Police caught him when he tried to cash a check that wasn't real.

"You know he didn't have an account there so they needed to open up an account and they're looking at the check and there was something that made them think something wasn't right. It turned out it was a counterfeit check, he had made it himself," Sheree Flores from the Fresno Police Department said.

Police say he tried the same scam at four other banks including Educational Employees Credit Union right across the street. Investigators say his phony check worked at at least one bank.

Officers arrested Moreno inside Wells Fargo after they confirmed he was the one responsible for a short lived spree. Moreno spent the night in jail and was released the next morning due to overcrowding.

When Moreno was released he discovered, his car was broken into and the ignition damaged when the thief tried to steal it.

"My whole thing was karma. There he is he's out committing crimes and he thinks it's ok to commit crimes-let's get somebody else. But as soon as he's a victim, he's calling to have police come and help him. My goodness," Flores said.

Police say the Moreno did manage to cash a check for $540. He is being charged with forgery and identity theft.

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