Valley communities take part in National Night Out

MADERA, Calif.

The Madera County Courthouse Park was filled with local residents and agencies Tuesday morning, all united against crime. The event kick started the first National Night Out event for the city.

"It's all about getting out with your neighbor; knowing who your neighbors are, is so important today. It always has been, but we really want to go back to the basics where you know your neighbors and you look out for each other," said Sue Saunders a Madera Neighborhood Watch Outreach Specialist.

Saunders says in the past two years, residents have formed 35 neighborhood watch groups. This year, the city decided to participate in National Night Out, to bring the community together to keep their neighborhoods safe.

"While I would love to have an officer on every corner every block, it's just not possible. So if we create those partnerships with the community with the folks that live in this city, they become eyes and ears, they help us," said Steve Frazier, Madera Police Chief.

The event also allows law enforcement and citizens to meet in a positive environment. It's an experience leaders hope will build relationships and trust.

"I think that if the criminals know that the citizens want to do something to help the police or the other agencies, they might not commit a crime," said John Anderson, Madera County Sheriff.

Leaders say the event just hits home that each person, neighborhood and organization can play a role in keeping Valley communities safe and strong.

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