Edison High School students take part in solar science academy

FRESNO, Calif.

Edison High School students are learning about the solar power industry, and a majority of the students are females.

"To show that girls, we can engineer too," Anna Phetthavong, a student said.

The students are all taking part in a week long solar science academy, put on by SunPower Solar of San Jose and Edison High School.

"To educate our students and truly get them educated for the 21st century. The only way we can do that is to use the expertise the industry has to offer," Ellie Honardoost, Edison High School Program Manager said.

The Edison students are in the Green Academy at school, which focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics, subjects which lead to jobs that are known as "stem" careers.

"There will be about 1.2 million jobs open within the next 10 years in stem careers. So we really make sure we're preparing our students for that opportunity," Honardoost said.

Students say they like getting hands on experience with industry professionals.

"But now that I have people to tell me about it face to face, I'm going to learn more," Yashir Espinoza an Edison student said.

And the industry says teaching younger people are a win for both sides.

"That's just incredibly amazing, especially with engineering students. Many of these students are going to be future innovators or leaders," Bobby Ram, SunPower Managing Director said.

The students plan to take all of the knowledge they gain from the program with them as they head back to school. And the students will use the experience they gained when they pursue related career fields

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