67-year-old Fresno woman in wheelchair robbed

FRESNO, Calif.

Fresno police caught the three kids who they say are responsible for the crime. The break-in happened at the Landing at Fancher Creek apartments on North Peach.

The victim is a 67-year-old and she relies on a wheelchair. She says someone broke into her apartment last year but she was not home during the burglary.

"They knew I was in a wheelchair, so they knew that if I was in there in a wheel chair, she's not going to do nothing," said burglary victim Elisa Cantu.

Cantu believes she had been watched and targeted. She says the burglars knew she was in a wheelchair and knew she was home alone Wednesday night.

"I heard some knocking on the door and then they were ringing the doorbell and then they started hitting the door with something," Cantu said. "I yelled out as I was in my wheelchair and I yelled out and told them I'm calling the cops, you better get out of here and they didn't listen, they just ignored it."

Cantu called 911 and waited in her room for help to arrive. As she sat helpless, she heard the strangers break a window, come in and make their way through her purse and her belongings.

"I told them there's somebody in my apartment, I want somebody to get here," Cantu said. "I was crying in my wheelchair and the guy kept me comfort. He said they are just around the corner they got their ambulance light on they are going as fast as they can."

The suspects ran when officers arrived. Police say it was three juveniles ages 11, 13 and 15. Police found them and they confessed to the crime. Two were booked in juvenile hall and the youngest was arrested and released to his parents.

"I don't ever want to be in this position again," Cantu said.

That's why Elisa says after 12 years of living at the Landing at Fancher Creek apartments she is moving out.

"I live by myself and I live in the corner, right in the corner, there's nobody on the side of me and it's easy for them to climb the fence and do whatever they want," Cantu said.

Elisa says the suspects took off with $200 and some credit cards. But she says they also took her peace of mind, which she won't easily get back.

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