Fresno City College classes temporarily relocate due to flooding

FRESNO, Calif.

Four classrooms and a biology lab were damaged. Fans and dehumidifiers worked around the clock starting Saturday in the math science building at Fresno City College.

Faculty, students, and administrators had to make adjustments after a flood shut down the East Wing of the Math Science Building. Junior, Alex Yang is glad he got to campus early enough to adjust and look for his re-assigned classroom.

"I actually just got here, my class doesn't start until eleven, and I just got here and found out that it has been moved due to a flooding," Yang said.

Administrators with the school say the flood was discovered by a faculty member that happened to be in the building on Saturday. The leaking water came from a half-inch pipe in a chemistry lab on the third floor.

"The top floor and the second floor had some water damage to it in a couple of our labs, but the majority of the water had already leaked down to the bottom floor, our courtyard floor, and so we had standing water in the east end of this building," Advice Chancellor of Business and Operations Brian Speece said.

The college relocated over 70 classes and several offices had to move to the Old Administration Building, near the newly reopened and repaved parking lots K and I.

"So we have a new design back there. About the same amount of parking spots, but it is easier traffic flow, and so I think students will find it easier to navigate," Public Information Officer Kathy Bonilla said.

Students with questions can find an information booth located in the middle of campus. The booth is run by the new Student Ambassador Program.

School officials say, even with the last minute changes, the first day of classes have been running smoothly. FCC officials expect to release an estimate of damages and a timeline for repairs in the coming days.

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