Trial resumes in Kingsburg murder case

FRESNO, Calif.

Kathryn Ellis called 9-1-1 last year to report a break-in at the home she shared with her husband, Robert.

Investigators believe she was trying to make it look like a burglary, but her attorney insists an intruder killed Ellis' husband.

The prosecution called more than five people to the stand -- including sheriff deputies and the owner of a local business who testified Ellis was in his store selling jewelry and coins days before her husband was shot and killed in their living room.

Surveillance video shows Ellis standing in line at the Fresno Coin Gallery - selling about $1,200.00 in diamonds, gold and silver coins as well as receipts signed by the defendant.

Documentation the prosecution believes is relevant to the case, because bills and financial records show the couple's money situation was dire. And a financial advisor said Kathryn Ellis had recently asked about secretly increasing the life insurance on her husband.

Following the shooting nearly two weeks later - Fresno County Sheriff's detectives found the gun in a trash can in the alley behind the Ellis house, as well as five expelled casings in the cylinder and two inside the home. A finger print was also discovered on a sliding door at the house, but deputies had trouble explaining who it belonged to.

More than one said it didn't match Kathryn Ellis, Robert Ellis, their son, their relatives, their gardener - or any of the detectives processing the scene. Nor could they determine how long the fingerprint had been there. None were found on the gun.

Wednesday, the couple's son is expected to take the stand.

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