Some Fresno Unified schools have new buildings

FRESNO, Calif.

Hoover High School has a new look. For the past year, a two-story academic building has been under construction. It's a big change on the campus, which hasn't had a new building since the 1970s.

Fresno Unified School Superintendent Michael Hanson said, "This has 20 new classrooms in it, four science classrooms stacked over each other on the end. This removed 15 portable classrooms from our campus here and I think it will be a dramatic new learning space."

Staff members are excited to teach in the space.

"I think they're just the latest and greatest," added Hanson. "The newest equipment, energy efficient, great use of space."

Another future change on the way, moving the pool out of the center of campus. Work is set for the end of the year.

And students heading back to Fresno Unified's oldest school, Fresno High, will find themselves in a transformed space.

Fresno High has undergone quite the change in the past year, the bunkers were demolished and two, two-story building were built, modeled after Royce Hall. Both have classrooms, while one side has administrative offices and the other has the library.

Fresno High Principal John Forbes said, "Already students are picking up their schedules and they're looking at them to see do I have room number 200-something because if you have a 200 then you have the new building and then they're shouting yes."

A dedicated space was built for the Senate Chamber, which is the oldest continuous academic high school club in the United States. The club is 124 years old.

With so much work already done, it's sure to be a school year they won't forget.

Measure Q paid for the new construction. The $280 million bond was passed by Fresno voters back in 2010.

Other schools like Edison, Roosevelt and Bullard have been renovated as a part of the bond.

The first day of school for Fresno Unified is Monday, August 19th.

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