Remembering a former Washington Union basketball standout

FRESNO, Calif.

His Washington Union teammates many of whom went on to play for the NBA say they're not only confused, but they're having a hard time understanding how this could have happened. His former coach Vonn Webb says shock doesn't even begin to describe the way he feels.

Richard Millsap played for the Washington Union Panthers and was not only a standout player on an all-star team, he was known for his dancing moves and dunking skills; memories that then coach Vonn Webb will always have of Millsap.

Vonn Webb spoke with Action News over the phone, "This kid was a freak athlete -- he really truly was, and on a team with 2 NBA guys and was more athletic than both."

Millsap went on to get a college scholarship and always checked back in with his coach.

Vonn Webb said, "He would say, coach I just want you to know how much I love you, how much I appreciated you everything you've done for me."

Vonn Webb got that phone call a few months ago, and tells Action News that he nearly fainted on Monday he nearly fainted when he got the call about the gunman who entered Millsap's Cross Fit gym walked past several people and shot and killed Millsap.

Friends told the local ABC station in Orlando that they're devastated. Jeremy Brassard said, "We didn't know or have any idea what kind of motive there would have been."

Police are baffled as well. They do know that last year, Millsap filed a report after he narrowly escaped becoming injured in a drive-by-shooting. But if you ask those who knew him best, people like coach Vonn Webb say life was starting to fall into place for the once talented Valley basketball all-star. "He got his life living right, doing the right thing -- it's just so sad."

Police back in Florida don't have much to go on and released a composite sketch on Wednesday. In the meantime, Millsap's family is headed out to Florida to be with his wife and two young kids.

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