Clovis car chase leads to condemned home, stolen property

CLOVIS, Calif.

Kellen Seavy, 40, is in jail for possession of methamphetamine and stolen property. Clovis police caught up with Seavy following a police chase that ended in a multi-car crash outside his home.

The man arrested for the chase, police say, was staying at Seavy's home. But when police went into that home, what they found led the city to condemn the house.

Red banners posted by Clovis building inspectors warn this 2,600 square foot home is dangerously unsupported. Clovis Police said Kellen "Woody" Seavy tore the walls down in an apparent attempt to expand his garage.

"He always seemed like such a nice neighbor. But my parents didn't get along with him," said Kevin Barnard, Clovis.

Apparently, no one else did either. Neighbors said Seavy is a good person whose life recently took a downward spiral.

"Woody seemed like a really nice guy. It seems like as time has went on, he maybe started hanging with the wrong crowd. And the wrong crowd got the better of him," said one neighbor who asked not to be identified.

Neighbors say Seavy was the local go-to mechanic, doing work out of his garage. They say lately, he just seemed to anger everyone by overcharging.

Police say they found a stolen pick-up truck in his backyard that had been stripped of its parts. "It appeared it was kind of a small chop shop-type operation," said Janet Stoll-Lee, Clovis Police Department.

The crash on Tuesday is what lead investigators to Seavy's house. Police said 33-year-old Randy Kestner sped away from officers in Seavy's car. Officers forced Kestner to stop, but not before damaging several cruisers and a neighbor's car.

Kestner is in jail on seven warrants and assault with a deadly weapon charges. Kestner was staying in Seavy's home where police served a search warrant and found Seavy's string of crimes. "I never expected meth, though. He had kids and the kids seemed like they were growing up fine," said Barnard.

Neighbors are glad to see the one troubled house empty. "I think this lead to something good, maybe something will get squared away and Woody will get his act together."

No one will be allowed inside Seavy's home until it's repaired and inspected. The city says the home also has serious electrical problems and no running water.

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