Hundreds line up for the Big Fresno Job Fair

FRESNO, Calif.

People showed up here as early as Wednesday night, hoping for a chance to land a job at the Big Fresno Fair. Fair officials say they now have the job fair down to a science -- by having copy machines available, blank applications, and other materials people may need.

About 500 positions are open this year -- that's slightly less than last year since the fair is rehiring a lot of people from last year.

The jobs being offered are only temporary, but with the turnout this year, and what we've seen in the past, there is a definite need for work -- even if it's a part-time job for just two weeks.

The fair is hiring for everything from parking and ticket sellers, to office staff and security guards.

We talked with one man who showed up at six this morning -- three hours before the event began... Hoping for the chance at a pay check.

Anthony Olivier arrived at 6 a.m. Thursday morning, three hours before the event began, hoping for a chance to get work. "They say it's getting better, but I mean you can't really tell. I think everyone's fortunate with the Big Fresno Fair coming out here, because we know for sure we'll get employment."

This is the Central Valley's largest annual event, and the fair looking for applicants who can deliver great customer service for the thousands who come to the fairgrounds each year.

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