Football Hall of Famer Jim Brown speaks to youth in Visalia


"One of the things that really inspired me about Mr. Brown's program was to really look at personal control, relationship building, and employment opportunities. It's called the will of success and bringing together all of these various agencies and systems for our youth," said Adam Valencia, Tulare County Office of Ed. Prevention Programs Director.

Educators and leaders spent time at the Fox Theater learning about how to make the Valley a better place for our youth.

"I had no father and the people in my community took me under their wing and taught me the importance of education and that served me the rest of my life. And all my success can be attributed to that," Brown said.

Brown's program teaches kids to take responsibility for their own lives. Through Amer-I-can, Brown has become a father to many. But he says when agencies and leaders come together to give at risk kids a chance, the opportunities are endless.

"If they get the support of the total community, it can have a tremendous impact on the negative aspect of your society," Brown said.

A message some are hoping inspires leaders to go back to their communities and help youth in the Valley.

Jim Brown says his message to young people who want to achieve great things is to never let anyone out-think you and never let anyone outwork you.

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