Fresno State President Castro greets students as they move into dorms

FRESNO, Calif.

University officials say there are a lot of reasons for those moving into the dorms to be excited. Fresno State President Joseph Castro was outside the Fresno State dorms greeting students as they moved in. There was also a BBQ for the new students. But aside from that, university officials say they have set new freshmen enrollment record and for the first time since 2010, all the dorm rooms are full.

When Natalia Sanchez opened the door to her new home away from home, she felt excitement with a mix of anxiety.

"Scary, but good to finally be on our own," Sanchez said.

Her best friend from high school should help with the transition. The two Atwater High Falcons will be freshman roommates.

"We get along very well. I feel like we don't clash, so we'll do good," said freshmen Brianna Perez.

Natalia's mom wasn't doing as well. She was fighting back tears as she brought in boxes.

"She was away at six grade camp for a weekend, that was hard enough in itself," Maria Barajas said.

The Perez and Sanchez will have a lot of chances to branch out and meet new friends. Fresno state has 3,339 freshmen enrolled for the year - a new record for the university. A university official said 700 of those freshmen will be living on campus at the suites, or residence halls. With the number of transfer students and sophomores returning to the dorms, the residence hall population hits 1,100.

"The whole university is at its maximum capacity right now we've just about exceeded our targets. Which means we're a very popular institution and students see the importance of education to their future," Paul Oliaro Vice President of Student Affairs said.

This freshmen class is the first to come in under new University President Joseph Castro. The students are part of a new chapter of Fresno State, and university officials say that is something to be excited about.

But the incoming freshmen are just excited to be part of the Fresno State family.

"It's not too far from home, but it's far enough also it's not too expensive," Perez said. Her roommate Natalia Sanchez said "It's a really good school. I've heard of nothing but good things about Fresno."

The students will have a few days to get settled in before classes start on Thursday.

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