Fresno's Manchester Center shooter gets life in prison

FRESNO, Calif.

/*Reginald Taylor*/ was handed his sentence Tuesday for trying to kill a barber, and instead shooting an innocent bystander.

Taylor had little reaction when Judge Wayne Ellison told him he would live out his days locked up.

Judge Wayne Ellison said, "So therefore, the total term in case 2883 is 25 years to life plus life without the possibility of parole."

On March 13th surveillance video shows Taylor browsing through a sports shop, right before witnesses say he walked across the mall and started shooting. A barber at the fade shop was Taylor's target, but the bullets instead hit a mother who was waiting for her son to get a haircut. Ronnie Moore is the barber he was after. He dodged every bullet, only to refuse to cooperate during a preliminary hearing in May.

"I don't want to be involved in this, you know," said Moore. "My family already suffered enough, you know."

After the shooting Taylor and his accomplice, Abel Price escaped to Eureka. But investigators tracked them down a week later.

During sentencing, the judge told Taylor after a voluntary manslaughter conviction in 2001, he should've known better.

"One would think, at an experience you had, at your age in 2001 that you would never be back in court," explained Judge Wayne Ellison. "And here you are firing firearms and ruining somebody else's life."

Deputy District Attorney Monica Diaz said remarkably only one person was struck. "It's amazing she wasn't killed or anyone else in that small little place, because that place was tiny and there was at least 4 or 5 other people in there."

Prosecutors say Taylor has shown no remorse. And during sentencing, he had nothing to say.

Taylor will also be paying an undetermined amount of restitution to the paralyzed victim.

Prosecutors say she asked the judge to give him the harshest penalty.

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