Power back on for most South Valley residents

FRESNO, Calif.

After more than 24 hours since lightning hit a power plant and some customers still don't have power. A spokesperson for Southern California Edison said the crews are working around the clock, but those people probably won't have electricity until sometime on Wednesday.

Hours after lightning zapped a Southern California Edison power plant and shut down electricity to much of the city, Target employees were throwing food away. "Since some of our refrigeration system here has no doors so that was all at risk and we ended up by a certain point losing all that product," said Guadalupe Franco, Target.

On Monday night, lightning bolts hit that plant and set it on fire. The flames damaged the system and shut down power to about 120-thousand people in several cities in Kings County and Tulare County.

About 200 utility workers were called in to route power back into thousands of homes.

Alejandro Larios said the eight hours without electricity at her house was tough on her children. "It was hot, they didn't want to sleep next to each other or anything."

During the day, drivers also dealt with the aftermath of the wild weather. At one point more than 70 traffic lights were impacted by the storm. "We had traffic signals that were all going dark which is very dangerous with the street lights out. So we immediately started getting stop signs put up and we were going out to the intersections to put those up," said Adam Ennis, City of Visalia.

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