Gearing up for a new semester at Sanger schools

SANGER, Calif.

Sanger High School Teacher Stacy Lazzari said, "Just an awesome time for us to talk about kids and student learning and get pumped up so tomorrow when they come through those doors we're as energized and excited as they are."

The assembly was led by Sanger's own students. They also took time to honor teachers who have impacted young minds.

New this year, a new superintendent has the reins. Matt Navo has worked in Sanger for 13 years and this will be his first year as the top leader.

Navo says it's a time to stay focused while finding ways to ways to improve.

"That we continue building a collaborative culture, we maintain our focus on student achievement, closing the achievement gap for all students, ensuring safe environments, said Navo.

But there are some challenges for staff who teach the 10,000 plus students in Sanger, including incorporating technology and new standards.

"We're also in a world of transition and innovation," said Navo. "Teachers need freedom to use their professional craft to engage students in learning."

And Navo says it's also about inspiring students to become the best they can be.

"I believe we have to get to a place where kids believe their success is not about luck," explained Navo. "It's not about where you came from. It's not about how much money your parents make. It's about how hard you work."

District officials hope this excitement and enthusiasm will be with staff on the first day of school and throughout the rest of the year.

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