Tulare man suspected of killing his grandfather

TULARE, Calif.

Rowland was arrested Monday for his grandpa's murder. Family members say they are heartbroken by the tragedy.

Police say 77-year old Donald Lee Rowland, known by neighbors, family and friends as "Mr. Moon" or simple "Moon," was first reported missing on Saturday. When officers arrived at his house in Tulare they found him murdered, and believe his grandson committed the crime.

"I know it was reported that day and thru that missing person's investigation is when we discovered the victim," Sgt. Darron Altermatt with the Tulare Police Department said.

Family members called him "Moon," which was also part of the name of a bar he owned in Tulare several years ago. They say Rowland lived with Rock at his home and though the two would often argue, "Moon" always had a soft spot for his grandson.

"Just surprising we didn't ever imagine it never, there wasn't one negative thing they did to us," Rosemarie Jimenez, the victim's neighbor said.

"I seen them together pretty much and the garage was always open," Lisa Sanchez, the victims neighbor said.

The murder marks the third so far this year in Tulare, and the second in just three days. On Thursday a 30-year-old man was found shot to death on B Street. Detectives are still looking for the suspect.

Family members say they are still shocked by everything. The son of the victim say he feels like he lost his dad and his son at the same time.

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