Fresno rape and torture victim talks to ABC30

FRESNO, Calif.

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WARNING: This footage contains material that some viewers may find disturbing due to explicit language and/or the graphic nature of the material.

We're not identifying her because investigators say she is also the victim of rape and other disturbing crimes.

Anthony Nunez and Margaret Alaniz are facing charges of murder and torture, for killing a man during the time police say the female victim was in captivity.

It is hard to listen to details about what happened during a week of a living hell. This victim said she tried to force herself to try to sleep, mainly because if she was murdered, she wouldn't see it coming. Now, each time she closes her eyes, those haunting memories return.

Her arms were blackened with burns, and oozing with infection when the victim was finally set free and able to see a doctor. Her chest has donor skin grafted to it. Her legs are burned. So is her face, which we can't show you.

"I feel a constant burn," she told ABC30. "My skin is forever on fire. And from the vapors of the chemical that she burned me with, I have no taste buds. I cannot taste any of the food that I eat. Everything tastes like poison to me."

For seven long days, Fresno police say the victim was tied up with phone charging cords and electrical wires and then tied to a clothing rod in a closet. All because she went to the home looking for her stolen bike.

The victim added, "She kept asking me who I was, who sent me, and where did I come from. Those were her famous three questions."

The first three days, the victim told Action News she was starved, beaten, her arms sliced with a sword and then she was burned, when Margaret Alaniz dumped a powerful chemical on her skin. She says the suspect claimed it was jewelry cleaner- but it was strong enough to burn a hole through her ear drum.

During her time held hostage the victim says her captors gave her strict orders.

She explained, "I'm told don't speak out of turn, look at me when I'm talking to you, and as you get hurt, do not scream and do not make too much noise."

Although she remained hopeful, the victim says she was overcome with pain and frustration. Especially since the suspects had countless people in and out of the home that saw her injured and being held against her will.

The victim says she was even more distraught after being sexually assaulted by the man ordered to watch her to make sure she didn't escape. She says Oscar Seja assaulted her despite her injuries.

After that police say Alaniz and Nunez beat Seja and then stabbed him to death. His body was then buried in a crawl space underneath the house.

The victim told ABC30, she pleaded with the suspects to let her go. Last Wednesday morning, she says they decided to let her go. That's when she walked away and was able to get medical attention.

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