Road construction in Fresno to slow traffic for months

FRESNO, Calif.

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Crews are working on a section of Chestnut Avenue between Herndon and Teague and will close the southbound lanes in half-mile segments.

Over the course of the $8.5 million improvement project - workers will install pipeline to carry water from the surface water treatment plant on Chestnut and International to a distribution network six miles away on Ashlan.

Bill Herr with Fresno Public Works said, "We are now going to close Chestnut, the southbound side of Chestnut in half mile increments as we progress north and we anticipate each half mile will take about four weeks to install the pipe and get it back into the condition where you can drive on it again."

The project is being paid for using bond money approved several years ago. Construction is scheduled to be complete in the next three months.

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