Fresno State takes on Rutgers Thursday night

FRESNO, Calif.

"Everyone's excited and that's what it's all about," said Fresno State Facility Director Jason Holtz. "All our workers, everyone coming in to drop things off. It's just excitement in the air. Things may look like they are hectic, but it's an organized hectic we can handle."

Dozens of employees are working around the clock to set the ground work and get the field ready so the Bulldogs can take to the field.

Fresno State Operations Director Karin Oliver said, "We are getting all the credentials ready and the parking passes and just trying to fill in the gaps of what it takes to coordinate such a huge event."

The start of the football season also means an impact on the roads near campus. One of the changes, Barstow will be closed off in the afternoon and turned into a one-way.

Fresno State Facility Director Jason Holtz said, "They're going to go down Chestnut instead and then turn right, right before the Save Mart Center and then come over to those lots that way."

With classes underway and nearby construction, university officials say drivers should plan ahead for changes. The football season is something people are preparing for on and off the field.

Local businesses like The Meat Market are gearing up for the big game and the tail gate season.

The Meat Market off Alluvial has been taking orders for fans. The store plans to have additional employees on staff for game day.

Meat Market Manager Vince Barger explained, "With football and Fresno State football, as well as they do throughout the year, it drives business."

All are hoping for a successful start of the season, for Fresno State and for the community.

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