CHP arrests Visalia police officer for DUI


The California Highway Patrol confirmed Erica Martinez was cited for driving under the influence back on August 8th after the car she was driving crashed in the city of Visalia.

Officer Scott Harris said, "She was involved in an accident non-injury traffic collision in town and we were requested to come out and conduct an investigation."

Once CHP officers responded, they suspected the Visalia officer had been drinking and performed a field sobriety test. Martinez was not in uniform or in a patrol car.

"She was arrested brought back to the office a chemical test was conducted and then she was cited and released to a responsible party," explained Officer Harris.

Visalia police confirm Erica Martinez is an employee of the Visalia Police Department and has been an officer here for 7 years.

The department refused comment on the case-saying it was a personnel matter.

Her case is being investigated by the district attorney's office, which will ultimately decide what charges she'll face.

If convicted of misdemeanor DUI, Martinez will likely avoid jail time, since this is her first offense.

Officer Harris said, "Probably a license suspension a fine, Tulare County is a test area for the ignition interlock system so they'd have to put that in their vehicle."

Officers say Erica Martinez was not hurt in the DUI crash and no other cars were involved.

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