Fire officials to hold meeting at Greeley Hill Community Center


Saturday people from about a dozen homes on Bull Creek Road to the Little Grizzly Mountain area were asked to leave. About 100 other homes were under an evacuation advisory. The order was lifted late Saturday afternoon.

The small community of Greeley Hill is nervous about whether the Rim Fire will burn through their neighborhoods.

"I don't want to lose my property and I don't want to lose our place because it's beautiful up there, it's our life," Sandra Mazza, a Greeley Hill resident said.

Throughout Saturday Mazza and her husband stopped at a Red Cross shelter to find out whether or not they would need to leave their home.

"It's scary, it's really scary," Sandra Mazza said.

Red Cross volunteers spent the day keeping families up to date on the wildfire.

"Keep advised of your own situation, keep advised of where the smoke is coming from, keep yourself healthy and stay out of the smoke if you can," Sandra Morehouse with the Red Cross said.

v All the thick smoke which blanketed the foothills is impacting the health of the people who live in Greeley Hill.

"It took a toll on my lungs and the smoke into the area is hard to deal with," Louis Mazza, a Greeley Hill resident said. "You just really don't want to go outside and do anything because you know it's going to affect you and I'll wind up with a headache."

Mariposa County deputies are patrolling Greeley Hill neighborhoods in case the fire jumps again, and if that does happen deputies are asking the community to move quickly.

v "People are hesitant to leave their residence and we understand that but when fire incident command puts out the order that people are in harm's way, we really want to champion that message," said Doug Binnewies, Mariposa County Sheriff.

A pancake breakfast is scheduled Sunday at 9 a.m. in the morning in the Greeley Hill Community Center, located at 10332 Fiske Road, Greeley Hill, CA. Firefighters are expected to be on hand to give residents the most up to date information on the Rim Fire.

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