Last Game for the Fresno Grizzlies

FRESNO, Calif.

"I'm shocked they don't have a good crowd here today. Had a good crowd Saturday night but I'm shocked they don't have more today. It's the last game of the season, go figure,"Howard said.

Exact numbers aren't in but Grizzlies Marketing Manager Drew Vertiz says numbers are up over last year. "The season has been really good for us this year. We've had a lot of great promotions out here, the fans came out in droves, we had a really exciting time and we are looking forward to 2014. "

The team owners are believed to be about a million dollars behind in payments to the city, but expect to catch up as all the accounts are tallied up over the next month. However, The City Council's top numbers cruncher, Lee Brand is concerned, and is hoping rumors that investors are looking to sell the team are true.

"I think the city would be better with some fresh blood there," Brand said.

Vertiz says some investors may be looking to sell out, but the team is not for sale and has new ideas for next season, and is making progress on its obligations to the city.

"They are working on it as always and we are looking forward to our 2014 season, we are planning on being here," Vertiz said.

Their financial troubles can be traced to their lease with the city, which at $750,000 a year. It remains the most expensive in minor league baseball.

The Grizzlies lost a few more games than they won this year, but the record does not trouble fan Brad Fogelsberg who says he has been to most home games.

"Oh they did a great year, a great year. You gotta remember the job here is to have them ready to play in the pros and they've done great this year," Fogelsberg said.

Whatever is ahead, the end of this season is a sad day for many who have enjoyed the team and the ball park.

"We're gonna miss it. We have season tickets we are going to miss it a bunch," Howard said.

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