Fresno City Council District 1 seat candidates set stage at labor event

FRESO, Calif.

"It's a day that labor comes together and shares the notion that families and there's a much larger labor family then people realize," Randy Ghan from the Central Labor Council.

Coming off a successful No on Measure G campaign the Central Labor Council feels it has strong momentum and others are noticing.

"It's also, Labor Day is sort of the kick off traditionally of the electoral process and the electoral season," Ghan said.

Several candidates were on hand serving breakfast and also meeting and greeting union members. Although the primary is in June of 2014 the Fresno City Council race for the District 1 seat is already getting crowded.

"A lot of people have said why are you out there so early Cary," candidate Cary Catalano said. "I go because I have 9,000 houses to reach and I really want to take the time to talk to the residents because the issues are very complex."

Catalano is not the only businessman running; Rama Dawar is also putting his hat into the race.

"Because I want to serve our community in the City of Fresno, the residents of Fresno, I want provide my services," Dawar said.

Esmeralda Soria, former District Director for State Senator Michael Rubio also showed interest and spoke with constituents at the labor event.

"I think it's a great event to be out here celebrating the labor of folks and it's a great day and I just wanted to come and serve," Soria said.

The Labor Union says it hopes to support passionate people, who will help improve the conditions of the working people.

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