Gathering held to remember Fresno father and son shot to death in Oakland

FRESNO, Calif.

To an outsider the family that gathered to remember Andrew Thomas looked like any other family at a barbecue. Children were playing on a hot summer day while parents caught up nearby. However, there were painful reminders of the real reason everyone got together on Saturday.

"It's hard being that it is his birthday, his 21st birthday, something he was looking forward to but it never happened," Andrew's mother Shieda Ridley said.

Ridley lost both her son and grandson last month. And investigators say Andrew Thomas and his one year old baby, Drew were asleep in and East Oakland home when shots were fired from the outside.

Andrew died at the scene. Relatives say the baby was shot in the head and passed away at the hospital.

"There are no words to explain how you feel when you lose a child," Ridley said.

Drew's mother came to Fresno for the gathering from the Bay Area. She and other family members are frustrated investigators have not caught anyone.

"They have a few leads, it goes in one direction and then it takes them in another direction but they still don't have anything yet," Ridley said.

They are now asking anyone with any information that could lead to an arrest to come forward and call Oakland Police.

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