Fresno State football team ranks 25 in USA Today Coaches Poll

FRESNO, Calif.

When Fresno State beat Rutgers in a wild week one finish players knew it was going to be a special year.

"After that game you can just tell this team is special. Not necessarily in the win column but this team was just special together, we're a tight group," Fresno State Quarterback Derek Carr said.

The ranking comes as Fresno State heads into the much-anticipated Mountain West opener against Boise State on Friday. Fans say being ranked feeds to the excitement.

"Friday will be the big test, if we can beat Boise we'll really jump in the rankings," Bulldog fan Daryl Penner said.

The ticket offices were closed Sunday, but as of last week, close to 32,000 tickets have been sold for the Boise State game. A spokesman for the athletic department at Fresno State is anticipating a few extra thousand tickets to be sold leading up to the game.

"Boise was ranked early in the year, but they got knocked out so you gotta play so it's gonna be tough. But I'm looking forward to the win," Bulldog fan Michael Rodriguez said.

The last time the dogs were ranked was September 2008, following a 3 -1 start to the season. They were ranked 21st in the Coach's Poll and 22nd in the AP poll. The team says it's too early in the season to be talking rankings.

"Right now it's a nice feather in your cap, but it's not something our players are concerned about," Fresno State Football Coach Tim Deruyter said.

Carr agrees with coach Deruyter, he says the team will continue to work to maintain their national ranking.

"At the end of year and we're in the top 25, we're doing something right. But right now, it the nicest possible way it means nothing, because we go out and slop around, we'll be right back out of it as soon as we got in it," Carr said.

The Bulldogs will be ranked higher than Boise state Friday, the last time that was the case was 2005, when the 'Dogs last beat the Broncos.

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