Amigo Innovative Breast Cancer Surgery

FRESNO, Calif.

"I've never been in a hospital, I've never had surgery, I've never had anesthesia so I was really nervous," Jane Davis, Breast Cancer Patient said.

Jane Davis would've been part of the forty percent of US women to undergo a second surgery, but the AMIGO allowed her doctor to take an MRI during her lumpectomy; to make sure he had cancer free margins. "An MRI machine comes in from the ceiling and then looks at the area that I removed to see if I removed the tumor in its entirety," Doctor Mehra Golshan, MD, at Brigham and Women's Hospital said.

The three room O.R. suite has an electronically controlled operating table mounted with an MRI compatible anesthesia delivery system and other advanced mobile imaging devices. Next door is a PET and CT room that scans the entire body.

"There is no other operating room where you can actually use an MRI or Pet Scan at the same time," Doctor Golshan explained.

Surgical teams can view all of the patients' images on large LCD monitors making surgeries more precise. The AMIGO is also used for other treatments that include brain surgery, radiation treatment for prostate cancer and gynecological tumors.

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