Pot farms busted near elementary school in Fresno County


Deputies moved in to take down the operations located just north of Jensen on Armstrong. Around 13-thousand plants are being removed at the two grow sites. Deputies say there are some 450 grows all over the county that they are well aware of, with that many sites to hit -- so they have to prioritize.

What caused them to move in to this grow site were reports of armed guards hidden back in this field, which is across the street from Sequoia Elementary.

There are so many plants, a skip loader was brought in to help carry the loads. The marijuana plants are very full. Deputies say they were likely ready to be harvested for sale soon.

The smaller of the two grows was eliminated Tuesday morning. The two sites basically surround Sequoia Elementary School the pot could be smelled from the street.

The site is on a 40 acre lot. Deputies say about 10-thousand plants hidden among corn, bitter mellon, and lemon grass. They could not say how they learned about the grow, but someone did call dispatch last night to report the armed guards.

They also said taking down illegal marijuana grows like this are a priority for Sheriff Margaret Mims, especially when the dangers of pots grows are this close to young children.

Authorities detained 12 people Tuesday morning, but they were later released. No arrests have been made.

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