Fresno Blackbeard's puts on $5,000 diamond and gold treasure hunt

FRESNO, Calif.

"At first it was a little bit of disbelief. How could you be burying $5,000 in diamond and gold, but that's absolutely what we've done in a treasure chest," Peter DeYoung, Blackbeard's Spokesman said.

Peter De Young says somewhere in Fresno County is a chest filled with treasures. Clues are given out each week. But recently a few treasure hunters may have gotten a little off course. The county says people were digging at Lost Lake Park.

Small holes were found on a trail at the park DeYoung says that's a problem because digging is against ordinance.

"It's not buried any city or public park. And it's not buried on public park. I would encourage people if they are going to dig, replace your divots," DeYoung said.

Some game goers were lead to the park because of a couple of clues made it sound like treasure might be buried there. Contest organizers say the treasure hunt will probably go on for the next two weeks. Contest officials say the treasure is not buried at Blackbeard's and X will not mark the spot.

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