Fresno PD: 'One woman crime spree' arrested

FRESNO, Calif.

32-year-old Sarah Magnolia is well known to Fresno police officers. Despite dozens of arrests she keeps being released from an overcrowded Fresno County Jail.

Fresno police are hoping to have her held long enough to face a judge for her charges.

"I couldn't believe how many police officers responded to a walk-by theft. So now I understand," said La Verna Lee. She was stunned to hear the long list of crimes magnolia is accused of committing. She tells Action News she spotted her checking cars along Fulton for an open door. Apparently, she found a Honda Accord unlocked. Lee says Magnolia got in the car, and that's when she shouted at her from this third story loft.

"She got out of the vehicle, went onto all fours, looked up and me," she said. "I said I'm calling the cops. And she said 'I didn't take anything, I'm so sorry.'"

The Honda belongs to Ashley Rendon, who works just feet from where her car was broken into. "I just came out and saw ear phones hanging from it, all my stuff was out," said Rendon. "She went through everything, but she didn't take anything."

By this point police say Magnolia is used to being arrested. Records show she's been taken to jail more than 30 times this year. She also has 19 warrants in her name.

"What we're hoping is she'll be held accountable for all the other crimes she's charged with," said Sgt. Greg Noll of the Fresno Police Department.

Once Lee yelled from her upstairs window she says Magnolia ran off. But police caught her just a few blocks away. And it appears she even had time to break into another car.

"Turns out she had property in her possession that we believe to be stolen from another vehicle that was unlocked in the 100 block of Echo street," Sgt. Noll said.

Police say they're not sure of the collective value for the items Magnolia stole. They just hope this arrest will put a stop to her crime spree.

Magnolia's crimes are not considered violent, which is why she's been released so many times.

A Fresno Fire Department official also tells Action News Magnolia stole a fire fighter's personal car and department issued items that were inside.

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