More than a thousand bully breeds compete at Kearny Park

FRESNO, Calif.

Judges from as far away as Atlanta and New York came to watch the bullys compete. It was the 12th year Kearney Park hosted the event. This year it added a sporting contest, which included a wall climb, tug-o-war, and 200 yard race.

Organizers say all of the dogs entered in the show were non-aggressive, and show how majestic the breeds can be.

"There are pit bulls here, there is bully dogs French Bulldog English Bulldogs, I understand that at time they get a bad rap but that's what we're trying to undo," said Mike Lopez, Team Dogg Pound President.

Several kennels and rescue groups also had booths set up during Saturdays show. Awards were given out to the top dogs for eight different bully breeds.

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