Farmersville fire destroys three businesses


A worker discovered thick smoke when she clocked in for her shift at Tony's Pizza. The fire caused the roof of the business to cave in and the business was destroyed in the flames. Fire officials say nothing is salvageable.

Monday afternoon the fire was shooting out of the ceiling, and crews say it was too dangerous to fight from the inside of the building, so they called in a ladder truck to blast the flames with water from a higher elevation.

Investigators say one of the big challenges with the fire was that the strip mall the pizza place in located in has a shared attic space. As a result smoke and fire traveled through several businesses very fast.

Fire officials say three businesses were destroyed in the flames, one of them being a pediatrician's office. The owner of Tony's Pizza says he cannot believe all that is left of the family operated restaurant is a black, burned mess. No one was injured in the fire.

Action News Reporter Mariana Jacob has extended coverage of the fire in the video above.

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