5 Reedley guys ready to defend their Red Bull Flugtag title


Their flying eagle is just about ready to leave its nest in Squaw Valley. The five buddies from Reedley will launch their homemade plane a patriotic push off the Long Beach pier during the national Red Bull Flugtag event.

Reedley College student Raffy Sencion explained, "Our team name is Red, White and Brew. We really like the colors. Who's not for America?"

The lightweight craft features electrical conduit and shrink wrapped wings. The team worked hard in building their aircraft. It's not just for looks.

Reedley College student Victor Zuniga said, "We're expecting to get this baby flying. Last year we flew 43 feet so we're trying to top that this year."

Raffy Sencion added, "This is basically like the Wright brothers designed pretty much."

Two years ago these guys went all out in their Red Bull debut, building a Spartan war ship for a soap box race. Their Sparta theme won the crowd over.

Jacob Sencion said, "They're always like, dude you guys are crazy. It's cool because we're the only team from the Central Valley."

Danger is not their middle name. It's actually one of the team member's real name.

Dayne Jer Eddings of Reedley High said of a trophy he held, "This one is the 2011 soap box in LA, People's Choice when we were Spartans."

When you are the two-time defending People's Choice champions you have to make a grand entrance.

Fresno State student Tim Anderson said, "We have our own little theme music coming out and we have a little dance, a couple of flips just to get the crowd going before we push off."

Raffy promised, "It's going to be pretty explosive."

The Red Bull competition is Saturday. The grand prize is a trip to New York. The People's Choice voting begins on Thursday. You can vote for the Red, White and Brew crew by texting LB19 to 72855.

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