Fresno officers receive a special award from a Macy's worker

FRESNO, Calif.

For several minutes officers tried everything to save this woman's life, but nothing worked. That's when the officer's turned her over to ambulance workers. Tuesday, the officers were shocked to see the woman they saved present them with a very special award.

Officers Gregory Catton and David Miramontes stood in council chambers Tuesday afternoon, to be honored for valiantly trying to save the life of a Macy's employee who told a co-worker she had heartburn before falling to the ground, unconscious.

In the middle of getting their lifesaving award, the woman they saved walked down the aisle.

"This is absolutely amazing," said Officer Catton. "I'm so glad you are here. We didn't know that she was going to be here, and to give us the medals, this is so much more of an honor than it would've been. Amazing."

It was a stunning and emotional moment for all three.

"When I saw her coming down to give us our medals, the only thing I thought was don't cry," said Officer Miramontes. "Because that was my instinct, I wanted to cry."

For Eryn Watkins, thank you isn't enough and grateful is an understatement.

Watkins added, "It's a little emotional to see them and actually shake their hand and say thank you in person."

Although the officers used a defibrillator and tried CPR, Officer Miramontes knew after five minutes without a pulse, it wasn't looking good.

Officer Miramontes told ABC30, "Honestly, I thought that we were doing what we could, so that later on the family could have that peace of mind that somebody worked on their loved one before something really bad happened."

After the ceremony, Watkins spent some time with the officers and their families. She also learned more about what happened that day, since all she remembers is waking up in the hospital.

Eryn said when she discovered who restored her life, it was especially fitting. She explained, "Actually I wanted to become an officer so I guess that was kinda a circle of life thing, so it was great."

Officer Robert Thompson also helped save Watkins. He was unable to attend the event.

As for Watkins, she now has a pacemaker and is expected to make a full recovery.

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