Interview with Actress Helen Hunt at the CCWC

FRESNO, Calif.

Helen Hunt was candid and spoke honestly about the things on her bucket list - the people who inspire her, her family, and her secrets - some of which she shared with the thousands sitting inside the Fresno Convention Center.

Helen Hunt told us, "There's nothing that replaces the fellowship with women."

Of all the things she holds most dear, and important, Oscar and Emmy winning actress Helen Hunt says gathering, and gathering with women tops her list.

"The thing that's fed me and kept me whole over the years is my friendships with women and the way I've gathered with women over the years."

Hunt told a room full of invited guests and sponsors of the 26th annual Central California Women's Conference that her bucket list includes sleeping and traveling.

She told us that she hopes her audience will take away her message of togetherness.

"I hope they feel less alone in whatever they're going through, I plan to share a lot of my ups and downs and the things that has helped me and how humbling my life has been on and off."

And that message certainly seemed to resonate with the conference.

Audience member Rosalinda Yanez said, "I think everyone of us can relate as working moms and parents."

Vickie Goudreau added, "She's been blessed to be able to do a lot of things and give her heart to it, and it's a good message, whatever we do we need to go for it."

During her speech Hunt spoke about her first experiences as a child actor about her struggles with fertility and she told us how she stays grounded in Hollywood.

Hunt said, "I live a boring life by the standards of any of those magazines for sure, I see my friends, I meditate, I spend time with my daughter- I get happy, I get sad-but I do all of that in a warm, quiet cocoon I guess."

This is not first time in Fresno, Hunt is a California native and told us she was excited and happy to be back in the Central Valley.

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