Ex-Clovis police officer arrested for violation of restraining order

FRESNO, Calif.

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Only our cameras captured the Sanger patrol car driving off with Kyle Pennington in the backseat.

The former Clovis officer is facing charges which include a violation of a domestic violence restraining order and committing a crime while out on bond.

Domestic violence experts say it is not uncommon to see abusers cross boundaries to get closer to their victims.

Genelle Taylor Kumpe with the Marjaree Mason Center said, "They are constantly pushing the envelope. Whether they make a phone call or they see the victim or they come to the house, we do see that and that is a violation of a restraining order."

Back in June, Pennington was arrested after a passerby saw him chasing a woman and called 9-1-1. Investigators found injuries on her body, but a few months later when the alleged victim was in court with Pennington, she refused to testify. Experts say this is a classic vicious cycle in domestic violence.

"The victim also loves their abuser," said Kumpe. "They are used to them, they have built up family with them and the abuser can also isolate that victim so they feel alone and scared and that's the only thing they know is this abuser so it's very difficult for them to find services or help."

One neighbor who lives near Pennington told ABC30 he has seen officers make several visits to the home over the past few months.

Pennington is scheduled to appear in court Thursday morning.

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